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Unleash the power of IT with the most robust SaaS Management Platform

Establish centralized visibility, gain control, and power up your IT stack from a unified SaaS control hub

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Comprehensive SaaS governance and visibility from Day 1

One-click On/Offboarding Automations. No messy tech-configurations required!

Save up to 45% by effectively managing and optimizing your SaaS spend.

Ensure adherence to security and compliance standards mandated within the organization.

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Gilad Solomon

IT Manager, Guesty.

"The best SaaS management tool ever!"

Zluri app helps us to achieve control and full visibility for all our SaaS application used by our organization. By using the app you can manage the org budget and transactions. Not less important is the VIP service we've got and receiving from Abhilash. Thank you.

Narasimha Reddy

CFO, MoEngage.

Zluri’s automated Saas management platform helped us discover the usage across 100+ applications in the company in it’s single dashboard. We were able to discard all the redundant and unused applications because of this, it also helped us save a lot of time as it is hard to manually track these applications. 

Zluri’s Saas buying helped us save USD 40,000 in less than a month by carrying out data-backed negotiations with Saas vendors.

Aditya Chintawar

Vice President Of Product Management, Koinworks.

Zluri has perfectly solved both the​ SaaS​ discovery & ​SaaS ​utilization problem for Koinworks​ in Minutes​!

Mustafa Ugoul

Operations Director, Zid.

"V. Good SaaS Management & Support is awesome"

We were having over usage on the Saas applications, Zluri helped us to get control over the Saas tools.

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