From ‘Tickets’ to ‘Slacks’. Simplifying access requests + the new Task Dashboard

Today, IT teams are overwhelmed with managing multiple software and ticketing systems, causing significant delays in provisioning apps for users. Waiting for hours to get access to a single app can be frustrating and unproductive for employees.Moreover, in order to stay organized and efficient, IT teams need to have a clear understanding of the tasks that need to be completed and the timelines involved. Join us to learn how the Slack Notifications + Task Management Dashboard can reduce your IT workload and increase your productivity. Reserve your spot now.

In this Zluriverse live webinar session, you will learn how to:

Get full visibility into all administrative tasks and manage them in one centralised dashboard.

Approve or reject user app access requests on Slack

View all pending and completed tasks in real-time

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Rohith Grama

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